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chilindrina humble dwelling--purr

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chilindrina--Humble Dwelling

First Impression: Clean and simple layout with a picture of Fiona Apple in black and white. Sleek, slick and simple. Very nice. 4.0

Content: I am a bit biased because before I opened this review site, I read your diary for quite a while. Looking through, I don't see many of the entries that I remember reading: perhaps yuo have those in a private folder, which is completely understandable. That being said, I really enjoy what you write. You have been on this diary since March of 2003, and are now in college. You use your entries like conversations with yourself; working out issues in your mind, comforting yourself with song lyrics by your favorite singer/lyricist Fiona Apple, and rehashing/rehearsing conversations. You write so candidly and honestly that I almost felt guilty reading. You do not spend much time at all trying to engage the reader, because the diary is for you, by you, about you: and that is actually unique here at Diaryland.

You spend a lot of time focusing on your relationships, and it was interesting to watch you mature in your reasoning and coping as time has passed. You also talk about eating disorders and self-injury, and how you are very much a survivor. You aren't preachy, but you are candid as you talk about the old feelings resurfacing and what you must do to battle them. You also talked about an inappropriate interaction with a family member when you were only 6 years old, and in that entry, you knew it wasn't your fault, yet you ended the entry by saying that you didn't do anything to stop it. You know that there is nothing you could have done to stop it, being 6 years old, and it is a miracle you survived. That is what you did and it is the best thing you could have done: you survived.

Some of the entries are in Spanish, with most in English. If I could make one suggestions (and you may have done this and I just simply missed it), a cast page would be very helpful. There are many references to "them" and "him", and unless someone starts from the beginning, I think it would be difficult for them to figure out if the "him" from this entry is the same "him" from the entry 6 months ago.

Overall, you are a diarist of the purist kind, and I feel very honored that I was able to read your diary. 3.8

Layout: Lovely. Easy to look at, no clashing colors, etc. Just FYI, the navigation toolbar doesn't work in Firefox, so I switched and reviewed you in Internet Explorer. I couldn't tell if you designed the page or not, but it is very well done. 4.0

Navigation: Very easy to get around. I love the placement of the previous/next arrows, and your navigation box is always in site. The archives section is easy to search. 4.0

Errors: The link to Deconstrukt seems to be broken, but it looks like the problem is at the other end, not yours. On your Rings page, the navigation box is at the bottom and the fav diaries box is empty. Other than that, I saw no errors. 3.9

Honors: You have a link to your own Fiona Apple fansite (nice theme carryover); you are honest and frank in your diary and don't write to please anyone but yourself (refreshing); you write some entries in Spanish, and since I don't speak Spanish, I find that to be really cool ;). 0.3

Contact: E-mail, notes, AOL IM, Yahoo Presence. No Guestbook that I could find, but since you have so many other ways to get in touch with you, that really isn't a problem. 4.0

Extras: You run a Fiona Apple WebPage, which looks very nice; Yahoo Presence indicator; mood indicator; and you went the extra mile to put the title on each entry and the "older entries" section at the bottom, which really makes it easier to follow the flow of the diary. 4.0

Favorite Entries: Perfection, where you speak about that fine line between idealist and realistic perfection; This entry is a must read; Brave and honest entry; You are so beautiful and I mean that; Shame.

Favorite Quotes: I've realized something: Everybody feels the same. If you read every diary in this thing, you'll see that everyone has the exact same thoughts, doesn't matter if they're crazy or happy or depressed... humans are all just the same. Like every thought typed here is like the typical cheesy 5 year old girl sentence: Dear diary... Today... Think about it. Maybe this doesn't make sense. But I don't care 'cause NO ONE'S READING IT!! YAY!! AND, it's 2:57 a.m and I can get away with it!!!!!!

If someone granted me one wish and one wish only, I know what I would ask.
I'd wish that I had someone in my life that would consider me the most important person in their lives. I've never ever had that. There's always someone they would place before me. Always.

Total score: 3.46 + 0.3 honors points = 3.76/4.0 A
Violet LOVES You! PURR

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